Light Polymers has developed Self-Aligning Liquid Crystal Technology that increases efficiency and has many applications in various industries.

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Our proprietary lyotropic liquid crystal technology can be used to create a polarizer for display applications, including Flexible OLED displays.

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Light Polymers provides comfortable lighting with affordable, high CRI color rendering temperatures through our Crystallin® product line.

About Us

Light Polymers is an advanced nanochemistry company that has developed self-aligning liquid crystal technology. This nanochemistry is used to create lyotropic materials for multiple high-growth application areas – such as flexible OLED, curved LCD, privacy displays, and micro and mini LED applications.

Light Polymers’ lyotropic liquid crystal chemistry enables both the thinnest and lowest cost circular polarization solution for the OLED display market. We are now perfecting the foldable version of this circular polarizer that is thinner than any current competitive offerings. This technology pushes the industry one step closer to making foldable displays.

Our breakthrough chemistry can dramatically improve light efficiency, reduce cost, and bring new applications to the market. In development since 2006, we now have an R&D center in Silicon Valley and Application Centers in Taiwan and Korea. Our goal is to bring complete product solutions to the market through strategic partnerships.