With the expansion of the LED lighting industry, the second revolution in LED lighting is underway. There are numerous industry manufacturing challenges to resolve: increasing efficiency, lowering costs, improving light quality, enhancing ergonomics and adding connectivity. Currently used LED technology, that employs on-chip encapsulated phosphor, endures thermal losses of approximately 15%, extraction loss of 5%, diffuser losses of 5%, unstable thermal drift, harsh glare and requisite high binning costs for LED die and package makers.

Light Polymers’ Crystallin® Photonic Film resolves all of these problems. Crystallin® Film requires 25% less power for the same light output with less than 1% color temperature shift and less than 4% lumen drop over 6,000 hours. Crystallin® Film can deliver higher efficiency because Light Polymers’ lyotropic chemistry enables a phosphor film that delivers 15% more blue to white light conversion efficiency over current encapsulated LED’s. In addition, when compared to competitive phosphor film solutions, Crystallin® films use 20-25% less phosphor, reducing costs and allowing for a flexible form factor.

With Light Polymers’ wavelength-tunable films, LED lighting can become truly ergonomic – any desired color spectrum can be produced efficiently. The greatest challenge with indoor lighting is accurate color representation, resembling that of sunlight. While all current solutions fall short of matching the sun’s spectrum, Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measure of how closely a light source approximates the sun. Typical indoor lighting has a CRI of 80 or less. For white light, Crystallin® achieves an industry leading CRI of 98+ for beautiful, bright and comfortable white light with no glare. The 98+ CRI enabled by Crystallin® film is revolutionary, as can be seen in the illustration below.

Light Polymers is introducing a line of lighting products based on the Crystallin® Photonic Film technology. Crystallin® LED downlights are a breakthrough value in LED lighting technology, being offered at an MSRP of less than $20 USD, making high CRI lighting affordable for everyday office and home use for the first time. Visit for more information and to view the latest products!

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