2017 HYSTA Conference Promotes Cross-Border Partnerships

By October 17, 2017 October 18th, 2017 No Comments

Established in 1999 by a group of Chinese entrepreneurs living in Silicon Valley, HYSTA has since evolved into one of the largest and most influential professional organizations in Silicon Valley. The HYSTA Annual Conference presents a valuable opportunity for cross-border business partnerships. Chinese companies are interested in accessing the rich and vibrant business community in Silicon Valley and international companies here in the US are seeking business opportunities in China. At such events, HYSTA connects the United States and China to enable greater entrepreneurship, leadership, and technical collaboration between both countries.

Light Polymers attended the HYSTA Annual Conference in Santa Clara, CA on October 5 as an exhibitor, presenter and recipient of a HYSTA Global Innovation Award. Executives from some of the leading investment firms in China and Silicon Valley attend the HYSTA conference to connect with entrepreneurs, facilitate networking and exchange business ideas. The Light Polymers team interacted with conference participants including Venture Capital, Government and Private Company representatives all day long. A Tsingda International Venture Capital representative was present at our booth for part of the day helping network with conference attendees. Being the only materials company at the conference, Light Polymers stood out among other companies focusing on AI and automation technology. With non-stop booth traffic and discussions there was barely a chance for the team to sit down!

As the afternoon progressed, the awards ceremony began. After accepting the award, Marc McConaughey, the CEO of Light Polymers, made a short presentation describing Light Polymers’ technology and business along with other award recipients.

“The HYSTA Global Innovation award was presented to Light Polymers in recognition of the novelty and potential impact of our Lyotropic Materials technology. Receiving the award alongside innovators like Cloudbrain, MORE Health and CloudMinds emphasizes the importance of chemistry and materials innovation in delivering the technologies of the future,” said Sergey Fedotov, head of Business Development at Light Polymers.

Light Polymers is proud to have been given the opportunity to exhibit and present at the 2017 HYSTA Annual Conference. Receiving the Global Innovation Award highlights the focus of Light Polymers’ efforts – creating close partnerships with leading companies in China to help bring innovative Lyotropic Liquid Crystal technology to the market.