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About Us

Light Polymers is a nanochemistry startup with a global presence that was founded in January 2013. We are bringing new liquid crystal chemistry to the market by developing Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Materials for use in the display and lighting industry. Our materials enhance OLED displays, improve efficiency of LED lighting and have a wide array of uses in other industries.

Our Mission

Imagine a future where your smartphone has a larger, glare-free, foldable display and has a considerably longer battery life. A future where the lighting in your home makes you more healthy and your office lighting has the color-perfect quality of an art museum. We make that future a reality today, using lyotropic liquid crystal materials.

Our Team

We currently have a total of 18 employees with over 125 years of cumulative experience. Our experienced team has expertise in Chemistry, Physics, Optics, Chemical Engineering, and Application Methods. We also have a global reach with offices in America, Europe, and Asia.

Meet Our Team

William Bandel

William has had 30 years in the display industry. He also has vast experience with startups and the commercialization of display material businesses.

Alan Tsai, Ph.D.

Alan has 20 years of experience in the display industry, mainly focusing on AMOLED display & materials. He has acquired over 100 patents in AMOLED technology.

Valery Kuzmin

Valery has spent over 20 years researching the science and technology behind Lyotropic Liquid crystals. His research has been vital in developing Light Polymers’ proprietary lyotropic materials.

Evgeny Morozov, Ph.D.

Evgeny has 15 years of experience in applied physics and has gained over 20 patents and applications within the field. His vast experience has helped push our technology forward.

Dr. Sung Tae Shin

Sung was previously the Senior Vice President of Samsung Display Advanced Research & Development. He is also a former Professor at Seoul University.

Sergey Fedotov

Sergey has 10 years of experience in chemistry startup, specifically in managing the financial and funding aspects. His main responsibility is overseeing all company transactions.