Crystallin® Orange and Gold97 Study and Task Lights are Designed with Your Eyes in Mind

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Crystallin Orange Study Light uses an innovative liquid crystal-based film developed by Light Polymers, making it the superior choice in desktop lighting for long hours of study. The unique orange spectrum reduces eye fatigue, making it a desired lighting spectrum for long work hours. A task lamp using the Crystallin Gold97 spectrum delivers an industry leading Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating of 97. This high-CRI light ensures that you see the true color needed for viewing printed photographs or artwork, design processes or color comparisons where exact color representation is needed. All Crystallin study and task lights are IEC-62471 certified, meaning they are LED products that emit gentle, eye-safe light.

Light Polymers is beginning a US-focused BETA program providing free task lights for review and testing by key journalists, bloggers, and other influencers before the upcoming US release this summer. Crystallin human-centric lighting will be available through select channels in Asia this spring and North America this summer.

“Our new Crystallin lights deliver the highest quality of light. Crystallin Orange provides the ideal spectrum for long hours at a desk and Crystallin Gold97 is perfect for technical tasks that require superior color quality. Light Polymers’ lyotropic liquid crystal technology is the key to making advanced light-management films that provide exceptionally smooth, uniform, high-quality and comfortable light,” commented Sergey Fedotov of Light Polymers “Both of these lighting products also have IEC-62471 certification for LED products that are eye-safe for both blue-light and UV emissions. This means that there is no leakage of harmful blue or UV light, the wavelengths less than 420nm.”

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