Light Polymers’ CEO Marc McConnaughey Discusses Foldable OLED Technology With Nanfang Daily

By November 30, 2017 No Comments

Leading nanochemistry innovator Light Polymers’ CEO Marc McConnaughey sat down with the Nanfang Daily to discuss the implications of our lyotropic liquid crystal technology during his recent trip to Songshan Lake, Dongguan. Light Polymers is a nanochemistry startup with R&D operations in Silicon Valley, Taiwan and Korea and soon Songshan Lake. Recently, McConnaughey and the Light Polymers team visited Guangdong Province to participate in both the Zhuhai Conference and the Songshan Lake Entrepreneurship Competition.

The interview discussion highlights details regarding the importance of making foldable OLED displays a reality. “Foldable OLED display is the future trend of the mobile phone industry,” said McConnaughey. “Corresponding flexible polarizing film is required to help facilitate implementation of the technology. Our advanced material technology can help Chinese-based OLED panel and smartphone companies achieve this goal with our low-cost, high-performance solution. We’re currently developing a wide range of materials for OLED and LCD display industry, many of which will have a substantial impact on Dongguan regional smartphone and HDTV manufacturers and brands.”

McConnaughey goes on to discuss Light Polymers’ plans for expansion, growth, and possible new offices near the Songshan Lake. The surrounding region is home to various smartphone manufacturers and is often referred to as the ‘Next Silicon Valley’, making it an enticing location for the future development of Light Polymers’ suite of OLED and other material technologies for mobile applications.

Founded in January 2013, Light Polymers has conducted extensive research on the application and commercialization of lyotropic liquid crystals in the fields of LED Lighting and LCD / OLED displays. Currently, Light Polymers’ chemistry for OLED displays is undergoing trial stages with a number of potential commercialization partners.

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