Grow Closer with Light Polymers’ GrowBlade® Horticultural Lighting

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SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Light Polymers, a nanochemistry innovator specializing in lyotropic liquid crystals, is launching a Beta-test program for its innovative GrowBlade® horticultural lighting. GrowBlade flat-panels use Light Polymers’ Crystallin® remote phosphor films to let indoor farmers grow closer, delivering even, consistent lighting in a range of rich crop-specific spectra. GrowBlades have a long service life, running cooler with less spectrum shift and lumen drop over time than conventional LED grow lights. Better quality full-spectrum light in a thin, wide-area form factor is a key to higher farm productivity.

“As innovators in a range of specialty lighting markets, Light Polymers knows the importance of engaging potential customers as part of our product development process,” said Sandor Schoichet, VP of Grow Products at Light Polymers Lighting. “To this end, Light Polymers is opening up its GrowBlade Beta-test program to select vertical farm and controlled environment growers, to gain real world production experience and better understand the specific needs of our customers.”

GrowBlade Edge 300 and 600 panels (approximately 300×300 mm or 1’x1’, and 300×600 mm or 1’x2’) will be available to select early adopters starting in June 2018. Longer GrowBlade Edge 1200 and 1500 models (approximately 1’x4’ and 1’x5’) will be available in late 2018. Both models have a slender form-factor (just 12.5 mm thick – not including the remote, dimmable LED driver) and will be among the earliest products certified to the new UL-8800 horticultural lighting standard. Initial Beta-test lights are available in two custom spectra, with more tailored crop-specific spectra to come based on customer input. Introductory pricing for GrowBlade Edge 300 and 600 models is set at $119 and $219 respectively.

“Light Polymers has been busy starting production of our breakthrough Crystallin film, and developing specialty lighting designs that are eye-safe and comfortable, with extraordinarily rich spectra,” said Marc McConnaughey, Chairman of the Board of Light Polymers Lighting. “We are excited to begin production of the GrowBlade and our other specialty lighting products based on our Crystallin film technology.”

GrowBlades achieve a unique level of horticultural lighting performance by leveraging the unique capabilities of our Crystallin remote phosphor film, which eliminates ‘point-based’ lighting issues common to other LED lights. Instead of assembling a variety of specialized LEDs into a bar or a box, GrowBlades use sheets of Crystallin film to down-convert the output of a simple blue LED array into a smooth, fully diffused spectrum with even edge-to-edge distribution. GrowBlade spectra can easily extend into the red and far-red range critical to flowering and fruiting, while blocking problematic blue and UV wavelengths below 420 nm. Formulating spectrum with Crystallin technology lets us move beyond simple narrow-band spectra to explore synergies across the multiple wavelengths that affect crop quality.

With cool, evenly distributed, high quality light, GrowBlades can be mounted closer to your plants for greater vertical density, higher yields, and improved crop consistency, for higher overall productivity.

About Light Polymers
Light Polymers is a nanochemistry company with deep domain knowledge and expertise in lyotropic liquid crystals, which have many applications including OLED displays, LED lighting and building materials. Light Polymers recently debuted a family of human-centric eye-safe task and study lighting. Founded in 2013 in San Francisco, Light Polymers has over 50 patents issued and pending for its water-based lyotropic liquid crystal nanochemistry. For more information, visit

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