Global Connection: Light Polymers at the HYSTA Annual Conference

By October 4, 2017 No Comments

Light Polymers has been invited to speak at The HYSTA Annual Conference and to receive a Global Innovation Award among 5 other teams. HYSTA, the US-China Technology Investment Summit, is one of the key Silicon Valley investment events in 2017. This year’s conference, taking place in Santa Clara, CA on October 5 and Palo Alto, CA on October 6th, will bring together entrepreneurs and investors from a variety of backgrounds and expertise to share ideas and resources. Executives from some of the leading investment firms in China and Silicon Valley, such as Chengwei Capital and Sinovation Ventures, will be in attendance to connect with entrepreneurs, to facilitate networking and exchange business ideas.

HYSTA’s commitment to expanding the professional network between mainland China and Silicon Valley is directly in-line with our values, and we’re excited to be involved. Not only will members of Light Polymers leadership be in attendance at this year’s conference, we will also be making a presentation on October 5th and demonstrating the technology. Light Polymers is a leader in creating advanced materials which can have a direct impact in many industries in China, and we are pleased to announce that Light Polymers will be receiving the HYSTA Global Innovation Award at this year’s conference.

Light Polymers is delivering cutting-edge products to the lighting industry from home and office lighting to professional horticultural lighting products. Our energy efficient products, like GrowBlade and Crystallin Downlights, are poised to be significant market players in the coming months. If you’d like to learn more about our full suite of lighting products, visit!

Will you be attending the HYSTA Annual Conference this October? If so, then we want to connect with you! Members of our team will be on hand to discuss the role our lighting solutions can play in a variety of initiatives. Stop by our booth to get a closer look at our products and the technology behind them.

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