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Our Story

When Light Polymers began in 2013 as a startup, we understood that our coatable polarizing technology could not move any needles in the industry if its optical performance came up short when compared to the existing technologies. Addressing this became our primary focus.

Fast forward to 2019. That’s the year we celebrated our milestone moment—the invention of our newest lyotropic liquid crystal material—our “polymer polarizer”. This revolutionary material provided the level of optical performance we needed to compete with mainstream, traditional polarizers—in essence, to challenge and eventually replace the incumbent.

Because our coatable polarizer can be coated directly onto almost any optical component, it eliminates non-value layers such as carrier films and adhesives as well as unnecessary manufacturing steps. In short, our polymer polarizer enabled our direct coating technology to become the gamechanger we knew it could be.

Since 2019, we’ve been building on this foundation. Our next big achievement came with the capability to do area-specific patterning: Our Area Selective Polarizer (ASP) coating technology enables precision patterning at the pixel level, something that’s not possible with conventional film-based circular polarizers.

ASP technology empowers our coatable polarizers and retarders to overcome the negative performance of integrating existing traditional polarizers, which typically result in the loss of more than 50% of original display brightness. With ASP technology, brightness is not sacrificed while ambient light reflection is reduced significantly. This means, to cite just one example, that automotive displays can be significantly brighter but with considerably lower overall reflection, resulting in sharper contrast and displays that pop.

ASP enables display manufacturers to customize their own solutions by optically matching their display output with an optimized circular polarizer pattern.

Our Investor Relations Team

We invite investors to join us as we continue on this journey towards a brighter, clearer, more enjoyable world. Please contact our Investment Team (below).

William Bandel

William has had 30 years in the display industry. He also has vast experience with startups and the commercialization of display material businesses.

Sergey Fedotov

Sergey has 10 years of experience in financial, chemistry and real estate sectors, specifically in managing finance and funding.

Our Future

Continued research and development efforts will lead to further advancements and refinements, driving the company’s growth and establishing its reputation as a leader in cutting-edge materials science. Expanding partnerships and collaborations with industry stakeholders will facilitate the adoption and integration of Light Polymers’ technology into various products and solutions.

The future looks promising for Light Polymers as we continue pushing the boundaries of liquid crystal technology and exploring new frontiers in materials science and beyond.

We’re seeking new investors who agree, as we continue, among other initiatives, developing coatings on curved surfaces for AR/VR, patterning for MicroLED applications, and scaling up our coated polarizer chemistry to meet the demands of the market.