Light Down-Conversion and its Role in LED Lighting

By August 23, 2017 January 15th, 2019 No Comments

LED lighting is the most energy efficient solution for lighting your home or office today. Light down-conversion is a key phenomenon in today’s LED lighting technology – the process in which high-energy (shorter wavelength) light from a Light Emitting Diode (LED) is absorbed by a phosphorescent material and then re-emitted as lower energy (longer wavelength) light. Since the underlying LEDs are blue in color, down-conversion is key to having different colors by changing the blue light into other useful wavelengths, such as green and red, and even combining all colors to produce white light.

Current down-conversion films are made from a silicon resin, using two combined components with phosphor admixtures. Standard films are not very efficient at emitting the desired spectra (light wavelengths) and emit heat due to index matching losses. The creation of these films is a time-consuming process, lowering manufacturing yields and increasing cost. In addition, they also require toxic chemicals and special tools to create.

Light Polymers’ Crystallin® product line introduces a new generation of down-conversion films based on lyotropic materials. Lyotropic materials are common in nature, and make up our muscles and many other biological systems. They have self-aligning properties, using only water as the key medium, and can help lower production costs by simplifying the coating and manufacturing processes.

Light Polymers’ films are stable, the spectra emitted will not degrade over time. Using lyotropic materials, Light Polymers’ proprietary chemistry lowers manufacturing costs by speeding up the process and eliminating the use of any surfactants or toxic chemicals. The unique formulations in Crystallin® films control the refractive index, allowing higher down-conversion efficiency and less waste heat. The manufacturing process is easy to scale, leading to substantial economic efficiencies in manufacturing Crystallin® lights compared to traditional LED fixtures.

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