Light Polymers Attends 2nd Annual Horticultural Lighting Conference

By October 16, 2017 No Comments

Light Polymers will be attending the 2nd edition of the Horticultural Lighting USA Conference, presented by PennWell Corporation. The PennWell LED & Lighting Network serves the global lighting industry with the highest level of excellence in editorial, technical content and business development opportunities, providing 360-degree views of the global market. The Horticultural Lighting USA Conference is supported by the PennWell LED & Lighting Network, comprising some of the industry’s leading publications and trade-shows, including LEDs Magazine, Lux Review, Strategies in Light, The LED Show, LuxLive, Lightspace dot London and Lightspace California.

Attended by commercial growers, greenhouse manufacturers, urban farmers, vertical farmers, and other industry professionals, Horticultural Lighting USA provides a venue to meet and network with leading companies and experts from all over the world. Light Polymers’ VP of Grow Products, Sandor Schoichet will be in attendance, networking with potential partners and clients about Light Polymers’ GrowBlade™ product line. Debuted at NYC AgTechWeek in September, the GrowBlade lighting system represents a significant step forward in operational efficiency and productivity for horticultural lighting.

GrowBlades provide a simple, cost-effective solution for high-quality LED horticultural lighting by leveraging Light Polymers proprietary Crystallin® film to deliver tailored growth spectra with high efficacy and thermal efficiency, emitting more usable light per watt and generating less waste heat. This allows the GrowBlade to grow closer than competing lights, while offering an even and well-diffused light source for sensitive plants. Higher efficacy also means lower operating costs and reduced strain on environmental control systems. The thin ½” form factor of the GrowBlade Edge model fits perfectly in space-constrained multi-level growing environments. These advantages are coupled with competitive pricing to make GrowBlade lighting a natural choice for horticultural operations of any size.

If you are attending the 2nd annual Horticultural Lighting Conference and would like to meet with a Light Polymers representative, email