Light Polymers Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Coatable Polarizer Comes to Market

By October 26, 2020 No Comments

To meet the demands of the new foldable devices, Light Polymers is ramping up its new lyotropic liquid crystal coatable polarizer. This new product, named Polymer Polarizer, is less than 1 µm thick and perfectly positioned to meet the harsh folding requirements in new OLED displays. Polymer Polarizer is already in qualification with several major OLED display manufacturers and is earmarked for foldable devices shipping in Q3 2021.

In the past, coatable polarizers have fallen short of the optical specifications to gain adoption in the display market. The game is changing with Polymer Polarizer, which can reach over 99% Polarization Efficiency, remaining color-neutral, achieving high transmission while meeting environmental stability requirements. Polymer Polarizer has passed customers’ rigorous testing of 200,000 folding cycles at a 1 mm folding radius. Customers are also testing Light Polymers’ Polymer Polarizer for future rollable and stretchable flexible displays.

The Company’s flexible business model enables customers to choose between purchasing a complete circular polarizer solution from Light Polymers, or chemistry if a customer wants to do coating themselves. Enabling customers to purchase the Polymer Polarizer chemistry, not only does it simplify their supply chain, but saves them significant costs in the long run.

The Company has also entered into a joint development effort with a major material supplier to develop coatable polarizer specifically to meet the requirements of the foldable and automotive display sectors. This product will be able to withstand the harsh environmental requirements specific to this industry.

Light Polymers’ global team of scientists was instrumental in inventing Polymer Polarizer to achieve the necessary performance targets. The Taiwan team, operating from a newly opened facility, played a key role in commercializing the new product, which originated in the Company’s R&D facility in California. The Company is bringing online enough capacity to satisfy its customers’ chemistry and film demand. Additional capacity can be achieved with minimal investment and resources.

The Company is looking to establish strategic partnerships that will enable ongoing growth and adoption of its lyotropic liquid crystal materials. To be part of this exciting technology, contact William Bandel (CEO of Light Polymers) to discuss possible synergies. For Investor Relations, contact Sergey Fedotov (Co-Founder, Light Polymers).