Light Polymers Signs Agreement To Provide Liquid Polarized® With Next Generation Polarized Sunglasses Technology

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Nanochemistry startup Light Polymers recently reached an agreement with Liquid Polarized to collaborate on the next generation of polarized sunglasses and eyewear. Light Polymers’ polarizing film wafers will be included in a variety of eyewear products from Liquid Polarized and their brand Rock Wilson®. This agreement with Liquid Polarized allows Light Polymers to advance lyotropic liquid crystal technology while providing consumers with greater color choice in polarized sunglasses with more durable and functional lenses.

According to sunglasses industry expert and Liquid Polarized founder Ken Wilson, “Light Polymers’ polarizing film is bringing much-needed innovation to the industry by introducing tunable color polarizers, providing an alternative to traditional PVA-based technology.” Most polarized eyewear lenses use a standard PVA-based polarizing film which is limited in color to shades of gray or brown and can degrade and weaken over time due to excessive UV exposure. Light Polymers’ polarizing film uses lyotropic liquid crystals and is much thinner than PVA based technology, providing sunglasses and other eyewear with greater UV stability. This new water-based technology allows the polarizing layer to be coated with a roll to roll process with lower production costs using industry standard coating equipment. “Extensive research is being done to find a suitable replacement for PVA polarizers, and, with the help of Light Polymers, we’re one step closer to implementing this technology on a wider scale and creating a new industry standard,” said Ken Wilson.

Liquid Polarized is currently gearing up for the application of Light Polymers’ polarizing nanochemistry and film to their product line, with production scheduled to begin in Fall of 2018. “We’re very pleased to collaborate with Liquid Polarized and its founder Ken Wilson to bring this new technology to the market,” said Light Polymers CEO Marc McConnaughey. “Over 200 million pairs of sunglasses will be made and sold next year consuming over 2 million square meters of film. That’s a $60 million market potential for Light Polymers.”

About Light Polymers

Light Polymers is a nanochemistry company with deep domain knowledge of lyotropic liquid crystals, which has uses in many applications including LCD and OLED flat panel displays, LED lighting, and other applications. Founded in 2013 in San Francisco, Light Polymers develops water-based nanochemistry. For more information, visit


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