Light Polymers Announces Next-Generation OLED Polarizer Technology

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SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Light Polymers, a nanochemistry startup with R&D headquarters near Silicon Valley and application teams in Taiwan and Korea, is announcing a next-generation circular polarizer for OLED displays based on lyotropic liquid crystal technology. Light Polymers’ proprietary nanochemistry creates a circular polarizer at 45 µm, thinner than any competitive offering.

“Polarizers are a fundamental part of any flat panel display technology, including OLED”

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A circular polarizer is an essential part of an OLED display as the component which reduces the reflections of light off of the mirror-like surface of an OLED panel. Without the circular polarizer, an OLED panel would act just like a mirror, reflecting all of the light back and rendering the OLED display unreadable. The major trend in the smartphone market this year is borderless displays with edge-to-edge screen, one of the major advances in Apple’s iPhone X and Xs. These phones use what is called a “Flexible OLED Display,” as it can wrap around the edge of the smartphone, and it is widely used in Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone offering as well. Light Polymers is now working on a foldable version of this circular polarizer that is thinner than any current competitive offerings. This technology pushes the industry one step closer to making foldable displays.

Light Polymers’ polarizer chemistry is water-based and can be coated using industry standard coating equipment at nearly room temperature without high drying temperatures. “Polarizers are a fundamental part of any flat panel display technology, including OLED,” said Sergey Fedotov, Director at Light Polymers. “The polarizer industry’s current technology is nearly forty years old and based on PVA or polyvinyl alcohol which requires significant capital expense. One production line is over $50M and makes 30-40M m2 per year. Our polarizer nanochemistry enables the industry to use production lines at 1/10th the cap-ex costs and utilizes much less energy and processing additives.”

This advance in new materials science is made possible by Light Polymers’ proprietary lyotropic liquid crystal chemistry. Light Polymers’ lyotropic polarizer costs less to manufacture and exhibits better technical characteristics – making it a truly evolutionary step in OLED polarizer technology.

About Light Polymers
Light Polymers is a nanochemistry company with deep domain knowledge of lyotropic liquid crystals, which has use in many applications including LCD and OLED flat panel displays, LED lighting, and other applications. Founded in 2013 in San Francisco, Light Polymers develops water-based nanochemistry. For more information, visit

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