Light Polymers’ VP Sandor Schoichet talks GrowBlade™ with Agritecture

By September 11, 2017 No Comments

Light Polymers’ VP of Grow Products, Sandor Schoichet, was interviewed by Agritecture in the run-up to NYC Ag Tech Week 2017, which begins September 16. In the interview, Sandor details the history of the new GrowBlade Edge & GrowBlade Direct product lines and discusses the ways that GrowBlade will continue to break ground as a leading horticultural lighting brand. The NYC Ag Tech Week vertical farming display at Agritecture HQ will include GrowBlade lights.

GrowBlade flat panel grow lights are part of a new generation of remote phosphor LED lights aimed at improving the productivity of indoor farming. We currently have a range of organizations evaluating our alpha prototypes. We are planning to launch the GrowBlade product family in Q1 of 2018. Between now and then, we are seeking early adopters and savvy growers interested in being part of our beta program. If you are interested in hearing about our progress or participating in the beta test program, please let us know.

“After closing a multi-million dollar strategic funding deal, Light Polymers is now announcing its first GrowBlade™ flat-panel LED grow lights, designed for vertical farming and other controlled environment applications. We’re excited to introduce them as Agritecture’s featured Sponsor for September and to highlight their new GrowBlade lights in the +Farm demo at our offices during NYC AgTech Week.  We interviewed Sandor Schoichet, VP of Grow Products at Light Polymers, to learn more.

Agritecture: Let’s jump right in. What is your team’s background and how did you come together to develop the GrowBlade system?

Sandor: The Grow Products story started almost two years ago when I met Marc McConnaughey, CEO of Light Polymers. We were both part of the Bay Area Alliance of CEOs, a sort of mutual support organization for business leaders. Marc gave a talk where he demonstrated how their Crystallin® photonic film could down-convert blue LED light into beautiful high-CRI (Color Rendering Index) white light.”

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