SVC Venture Club Publishes Series B Funding Article

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Light Polymers is a nanochemistry company with deep domain knowledge of lyotropic materials. Lyotropic Materials have use in many applications including LCD and OLED flat panel displays, LED lighting, advanced building materials as well as biomedical applications. On July 5th Light Polymers completed a Series B funding round of $5M led by Tsingda International Venture Capital and Tokyo Electron (TEL). Tsingda International Venture Capital – SVC Venture Club’s longtime VC member – is a part of the Tsinghua Innovation Center in Dongguan (TICD), which is a joint venture between the Dongguan Government and Tsinghua University. TEL is a global leader in semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing equipment.

The SVC Venture Club publish an article on Light Polymers and the Joint Ventures:

“SVC Venture helped to facilitate this deal when one of our Russian investor members referred Light Polymer to us in June 2016, in the hope that we could help connect US-China investors and partners. After an in-depth conversation regarding Light Polymer’s technology, funding needs, and strategic plan, we connected its CEO Marc McConnaughey with Tsingda, whose investment preferences and resources we believed to highly matched what Light Polymer was looking for. As such, we are very happy to see how successful their partnership has been since then.”

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OLED polarizing film represents a great opportunity for Light Polymers, who is projected to attain 25% market share in China by 2020. Founded in 2013 in San Francisco, Light Polymers makes easy to apply water based chemistry for a number of industries. For more information, visit For information on Crystallin® lighting products, visit